Whether you are a collector of KGVI, a first issues collector or a serious collector of Indian States, our auction is bound to have many items that will be of great interest to you. Our auction will feature many unique items that have not been offered for decades and will most certainly offer you a great opportunity to fill those gaps in your collection.

Background & Knowledge

Sandeep Jaiswal has been immersed in Indian States philately since 1985. He has studied Indian States in great detail, written articles, exhibited at both the National & International level having won multiple Large Gold medals. Sandeep is the immediate past editor of India Post, journal of theIndia Study Circle. Sandeep expertizes Indian States philatelic items for two organizations, including the ISES and is a consultant for two other certificate issuing organizations.


Although based in the USA, Sandeep has very strong ties to the philatelic scene in India where philately is absolutely booming! He has a large Global network of philatelists that have anything to do with Indian States. He travels to all parts of the world on a regular basis and has established long lasting relationships with collectors all over the world.

The Difference

Virtually every auction house feature large collections and bulk lots that are almost always gobbled up by dealers at a fraction of what they are really worth. Unlike most auction houses, whose basic philosophy is to sell your holdings at any possible price so long as they make their combined 30% - 45% commission between you and the buyer, our commitment is to go to great lengths to make sure that your holdings are divided up into as many single lots as possible to maximize the total return from the sale of your holdings; and we have the passion, knowledge & expertise to do so.

Don’t know it all

Most auction houses are happy to take anything you want to sell claiming they can do justice to your collection no matter what country / area it is from. We, on the other hand, do not claim to have knowledge or expertise when it comes to philately of Ifni or Iceland or, for that matter, any area other than Indian States. And that is precisely why our auction will be limited to philatelic items from Indian States only. We don’t claim to know everything but we sure are the world’s leading experts when it comes to Indian States philately.

Finance Options

We are happy to offer you options such as an outright purchase, a combination of outright purchase and auction as well as guaranteed buy-back of the unsold lots at a pre-negotiated price. We will work with you in putting fair reserves so as to ensure that your items are not hammered down at throwaway prices.

Our Commission

We offer the lowest commission rate in the industry; Sellers pay only 5% and Buyers only 15%.

Our Guarantee

Each and every single auction item is guaranteed to be genuine. Buyers have the option of requesting an “extension” for certification on any single item (not large lots or collections) to be expertized by either:

  1. RPSL (Royal Philatelic Society, London) in which case, upon receipt of payment, the item/s will be sent to the RPSL and certified at the buyer’s expense. We will absorb the cost of any certificate where the item is deemed to have been misdescribed by us.

  2. ISES (Indian States Expertizing Service) in which case, upon receipt of payment, the item/s will be sent to ISES and certified at our expense; there is no certification cost to the buyer.


2019 - Indian States

We are sorry to announce the cancellation of our auction. Our sincere apologies for the disappointment.

We will continue to fill want-lists and offer items based on individual requests.

Thank you for your understanding.