Indian Princely States Stamps, Postal history & Postal Stationery

Five Grand Award Winning Single Frame Exhibits by Sandeep Jaiswal

The book covers; The First Issue of Oungarpur, The First Issue of Jaipur; Jammu & Kashmir Telegraphs; Rajpipla State; Shahpura - A Newly Discovered Stamp Issuing Indian Princely State.


British India, Queen Victoria Postal Stationery

Authored by Sandeep Jaiswal, USA. Published by Ajay Kumar Mittal, New Delhi, India in November 2018

A copy of the Award-winning Large Gold Medal Exhibit of the Author. There have been a limited number of Catalogues of British India and India Postal Stationery. It has also been the subject of numerous articles in several scholarly Indian and India Philatelic Societies and Study Group Journals. However, anyone who has dabbled in this area will readily acknowledge that it is huge, even an immense field; and yet surprisingly, much information and new varieties have yet to be discovered. This Author has now added to this store of knowledge.

The Text runs to 189 pages, hence it is much more than the 128 pages you would see if you had viewed the Exhibit in the Frames at a FIP World Exhibition.It covers the whole field from Envelopes, Registered envelopes, Postal cards, Letter sheets, Newspaper wrappers and Postal Notes.